Jenn Air Range

Crosley Norge Jenn-Air Kenmore Range Oven Stove Flat Ignitor Igniter 12400035

Crosley Norge Jenn-Air Kenmore Range Oven Stove Flat Ignitor Igniter 12400035
Crosley norge jenn-air kenmore gas range oven stove flat ignitor igniter 12400035. This igniter's amperage range is 3.3 - 3.6. Used with 3.2 to 3.5 amp rated gas safety valves. Includes: high temperature stainless steel shield high temperature mgt wire leads and high temperature ceramic wire nuts to wire into original harness.

Replaces long and short ignitors. Be careful not to drop your new ignitor; ignitors are fragile and will break easily.

Whirlpool estate kitchenaid roper maytag admiral amana speed queen jenn-air magic chef crosley caloric glenwood hardwick menumaster modern maid montgomery wards norge jc penney wards sears kenmore. The oven igniter, also called a glow bar, heats up the bimetal switch and causes the oven to ignite the gas fed to the burners. A common issue when the oven fails to ignite is a faulty glow bar.

If the oven does not start within 90 seconds, the glow bar is likely the issue. Do not be fooled if the glow bar turns red. If it does not reach the appropriate temperature, the oven will not light. If your ignitor uses a connector on the end, reuse the connector from the old ignitor.

Use your wire cutters to cut the wires on the old ignitor several inches above the connector. Strip the ends of the wires with a wire stripper. Place the end of a wire on the connector next to the end of a wire on your new ignitor. Use a ceramic wire nut to twist and hold the wires together.

Your wires are not color coded, so it does not matter which wires are connected together. Your old ignitor can get very hot even if it doesn't ignite the burner tube. 12400035 f17-036 790401 790023 7432p076-60 7432p067-60 7432p066-60 7432p064-60 7432p062-60 7432p052-60 7432p051-60 7432p051-50k 7432p026-60 7432p025-60k 7432p025-60 7-90401 7-90023 551291 551207 551003 550735 5-51291 5-51207 5-51003 5-50735 41-207 1482225 1482224 1482-225 1482-224. 1088af-ckz 1088wf-ckz 1100paw-k 1100paw-kl 1100pra-k 1100prw-k 1111waw 1111waw-l 1111wra 1111wrw 11ja-10k 11ja-1kw 11ja-2kw 11jk-10k 11jk-1kw 11jk-2kw 11jn-10k 11jn-1kw 11jn-2kw 11js-10k 11js-1kw 11js-2kw 11jy-10k 11jy-1kw 11jy-2kw 1375h-klzw 1375hw-klzw 1375hw-kzw 1985811040 1985811170 1985811171 1985815130 1985815131 1985815132 1985815170 1985815171 1985815210 1985815211 1985816200 1985818150 1985818151 1985818200 1985818201 198mf11el-h 22fa-2klw 22fa-2kw 22fa-6cklxv8 22fa-6klx 22fa-6klx-6f 22fa-6klxv8 22fk-2klw 22fk-2kw 22fk-6klx 22fk-6klx-6f 22fk-6klxv8 22fn-2klw 22fn-2kw 22fn-6cklxv8 22fn-6klx 22fn-6klx-6f 22fn-6klxv8 22fy-2klw 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  • Brand: Whirlpool Maytag MagicChef Amana Kenmore Sears
  • MPN: 12400035